Tea Tuesday: Introducing Jasmine Cream

Tea Tuesday: Introducing Jasmine Cream

Marissa AgustinApril 04, 2017

There is something truly intoxicating about the scent of Jasmine.  Growing up I had a jasmine bush that climbed up the side of out house outside my window.  The sweet aroma always makes me think of home and brings great memory.  

That may be part of the reason that I love the flavor or Jasmine tea so much.  When you get a good jasmine, that scent is just as intoxicating and the delicate flavor is often just what I want.  If you as my middle son and Jr Taster, all tea is measured based on Jasmine.  If he likes it, it tastes just like jasmine... no matter how dissimilar the flavor may actually be.  

My one issue with Jasmine is that it is a green tea. Now don't get me wrong, I love my green tea.  As I have stated before it is that perfect afternoon pick me up and just what the Dr. ordered when my stomach is off a bit.  But lets get real for a moment.  I have 3 children, and in the morning I need a little more than a pick me up.  While I don't do coffee, I do want to start my day with a bit of caffeine.  Enter a recipe from heaven.... ok not quite.  

I first tried a black tea with Jasmine a few years ago in a little shop in the skyways of Minneapolis on a lunch adventure with a dear friend.  I was instantly in love.  It had all the delicious sweet jasmine notes that I love, with an extra smoothness and most importantly it was a black tea so it had the caffeine kick I needed.  

I spend years trying to recreate that tea even resorting to purchasing some 'jasmine essence' at the local asian market.  But nothing was quite as good as that original black jasmine tea.  Then I realized that it wasn't about adding jasmine flavor to the black tea, but creating a blend with both the black tea and jasmine green tea.  

After much experimentation I have finally found the balance between the delicate sweet jasmine notes and the rich smooth vanilla to create the perfect way to have both your Jasmine and caffeine in Jasmine Cream.

I would love for you to get to try this tea as well, so I have a few ways for you to do that.

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I look forward to sharing tea with you soon!

~ Marissa 



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