New Year, New Teas, and New Friends!

New Year, New Teas, and New Friends!

Marissa AgustinJanuary 25, 2017

New Teas! New Teas!  YAY!

Ok, I get a little excited about new teas.  But do you ever go to your tea stash and feel like there isn't anything good there?  I don't know about you, but I am a VERY seasonally driven tea drinker.  Things that sound amazing to me in April don't appeal at all in October.  This is probably a lot of the reason I don't do super great with planning out and blending teas in advance.  

Somehow from December to January I have a big shift again.  In the fall I want cinnamon, spice and everything nice and caffeinated.  But that just doesn't sound good to me in January.  Maybe it is all the new years resolutions around healthier eating, or just feeling completely depleted after the holidays, but I want relaxing, soothing, and caffeine-free options.  

If those sound good to you, you're in luck because I have some new ones for you, and have restocked some of the favorites.


The first new tea I am excited to introduce is Lavender Honey.  This is a wonderfully relaxing rooibos tea the sweet honey and the soothing lavender together create a wonderfully soothing experience.  It is a perfect way to treat yourself to something nice without having to schedule a spa day!

If you are still looking for that spiced tea I have a Spiced Cranberry that brings the tart cranberry and combines it with the warmth of ginger to create a wonderful treat.

The third new tea is perfect for those super cold winter days when you can't wait for summer.  Peaches & Honey has the tart juicy peach flavor with just a hint of honey to satisfy your sweet tooth without going over your calorie goals.  

In addition to our new teas, I also have a new friend to introduce to you.  Mr Tea is the newest addition to our accessory lineup and is a lot of fun.  While he doesn't hold a lot of tea leaves, he is perfect for a single cup of tea and is adorable!  

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