Tea Tuesday: Introducing Triple Berry Bliss

Green tea often gets a bad wrap.  

While it definitely gets all the spotlight when it comes to health benefits, it is the one that I most often hear complaints about.  I can't even count the number of times I have heard 'I don't like green tea!'  Only to have someone try a tea they don't realize is green and declare it delicious.

So what is the secret to good green tea?  It is all about how you brew it.  And since this week's featured tea is a green tea, I want to make sure you know how to get the best flavor out of it.

While all true teas come from the same plant, Green tea is much more delicate than it's darker counterparts because it doesn't go through any oxidization process.  This makes it easy to scald the leaves resulting in the 'grassy' flavor that many people complain about.  So how do you avoid that?  Don't use boiling water.  It is that simple!  

The ideal temperature for a green tea is 'steaming' or anywhere from 150º-190º.  This is the point that the kettle starts hissing, or bubbles start crawling up the sides of the pan, but it isn't at a rolling boil yet.  Keurigs and hot water dispensers are usually set well for green teas.  You can also let your water boil and then wait 10 minutes before pouring. Green tea also doesn't need as long to steep.  Any more than 3 minutes and you will start getting a bitter flavor that is the second most common complaint about green tea.   

Now that you know how to brew it, I want to introduce you to Triple Berry Bliss.  This is a tea that I created over the summer so it not only makes a great hot tea, but it is insanely awesome iced as well.  

It is a combination of strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry and it is INSANELY awesome.  Because it is a green tea, it is a little more delicate in the flavor profile, but all three berries come out for sure.  Personally, I don't add sweetener to very many of my teas (with the exception of English and Irish Breakfast which seems sacrilegious to omit milk and a touch of sugar) however a touch of honey is a great way to make the fruit flavors in this any any tea pop just a little more.

I hope you will find this tea just as delicious as I do.  

Enjoy Your Tea!

ps. Have you tried Triple Berry Bliss already?  Comment below to tell us what you think!


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