Herbal & Fruit Tea

Our herbal and fruit blends are a mixture of superior quality herbs, spices and whole chunks of fruit.  These ingredients are carefully combined to create delicious, full-flavored herbal blend that is a pleasure to drink.  

These herbal and fruit blends don't contain tea leaves so they're naturally caffeine free.

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Bingo Blueberry - Loose Leaf Herbal and Fruit Tea
A full-flavored tea with superb and well-defined blueberry highlights. Excellent as an iced tea. Ingredients: Apple,...
$ 10.00
Comfort & Joy
Welcome home with this delicious blend of orange, vanilla, cinnamon and ginger.  Like a warm...
$ 10.00
Cranberry Orange - Loose Leaf Herbal and Fruit Tea
If you are looking for a caffeine-free tea packed with flavor, this is the tea...
$ 10.00
Egyptian Chamomile - Loose Leaf Herbal and Fruit Tea
Wonderfully sweet and floral, this whole blossom chamomile is delightful!  A great soothing tea to help...
$ 10.00
Ginger Peach - Loose Leaf Herbal and Fruit Tea
Juicy peach gets a bite of robust ginger. Perfect for iced tea, but delightful hot...
$ 10.00
Ipanema Clementine Spice - Loose Leaf Herbal and Fruit Tea
Bright, refreshing orange with light notes of cinnamon and spice. A wonderfully comforting blend! Ingredients: Natural dried apples,...
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Mixed Berry Sorbet - Loose Leaf Herbal and Fruit Tea
A refreshing blend of strawberry and blueberry is the perfect treat!  Great hot of cold, this...
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Orange Ginger Mint - Loose Leaf Herbal and Fruit Tea
Smooth orange and vanilla are a perfect pair for spicy ginger and cool mint.  Wonderful served over...
$ 10.00
Orange Grove Vanilla - Loose Leaf Herbal and Fruit Tea
This soothing blend starts with tart hibiscus added to the sweetness of orange and finishes...
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Organic Peppermint - Loose Leaf Herbal Tisane
 This incredibly pungent peppermint is completely unforgettable!  A wonderful way to perk you up.  Ingredients:...
$ 10.00
Organic Spearmint - Loose Leaf Herbal Tisane
 Delicate sweet spearmint is sure to become a favorite of any mint lover! Ingredients: Organic...
$ 10.00
Paradiso Peach - Loose Leaf Herbal and Fruit Tea
Aromatic with a rich fruity flavor of juicy peach, complemented by apples and oranges. Amazing...
$ 10.00