Herbal & Fruit Tea

Our herbal and fruit blends are a mixture of superior quality herbs, spices and whole chunks of fruit.  These ingredients are carefully combined to create delicious, full-flavored herbal blend that is a pleasure to drink.  

These herbal and fruit blends don't contain tea leaves so they're naturally caffeine free.

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Peach Mango - Loose Leaf Herbal and Fruit Tea
Tart peach and juicy mango make this a mouthwatering delight! Delicious hot and also makes...
$ 10.00
Spa Escape - Loose Leaf Herbal and Fruit Tea
The soothing combination of whole blossom chamomile and lavender is the perfect way to unwind and relax....
$ 10.00
Sweet Mint - Loose Leaf Herbal and Fruit Tea
Sweet mint is the perfect way to warm up while you're winding down.  With the combination...
$ 10.00
Taster's Club - Monthly Loose Leaf Tea Subscription
Who doesn't like a little adventure? Take a tour of the best luxury blends we...
$ 40.00 $ 15.00