Energizing Teas

Looking for a tea that will wake you up and get you going in the morning?  These teas are all black teas that are perfect for starting your day out right.  Favorites in our house are the Organic Assam, Cream Earl Grey and Lady Londonderry but all the others fit into the rotation!
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Buckingham Palace Garden Party - Loose Leaf Black Tea
This blend of green and black teas have wonderful notes of both earl grey and...
$ 10.00
Citrus Blast - Loose Leaf Black Tea
If you are looking for a citrus tea, look no further!  This delectable combination of...
$ 10.00
Cream Earl Grey - Loose Leaf Black Tea
This is a must try for any Earl Grey fan!  The intoxicating flavor of bergamont...
$ 10.00
Dark Chocolate Orange - Loose Leaf Black Tea
This is a delightful tea that starts with sweet orange and finishes off with hints of...
$ 10.00
Dot Glow- Loose Leaf Black Tea
Rich vanilla combined with sweet mango and tart peach are the perfect partners for this delicious...
$ 10.00
English Breakfast - Loose Leaf Black Tea
This traditional black tea is a wonderful way to start your day.  Full flavored and...
$ 10.00
Harvest Blend - Loose Leaf Black Tea
This rich and spicy blend of vanilla and cinnamon is the perfect choice as the...
$ 10.00
Holiday Winter Spice - Loose Leaf Black Tea
Blustery cinnamon and hints of citrus makes this the perfect fall or winter tea! A...
$ 10.00
Lady Londonderry -Loose Leaf Black Tea
This traditional black tea has nice flowery and malty flavors with hints of strawberry and...
$ 10.00
Monks Blend - Loose Leaf Black Tea
One of our most flavourful teas. The dramatic combination of vanilla and grenadine ensures a...
$ 10.00
Mulled Cider - Loose Leaf Black Tea
Warm sweet apple notes meld wonderfully with cinnamon, cloves, and just a hint of citrus...
$ 10.00
Organic Assam -Loose Leaf Black Tea
This rich and malty black tea is definitely one of my favorites and is a...
$ 10.00