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I often get asked which tea is my favorite, which is akin to asking me which is my favorite child... it changes by the second!  While I don't have just one favorite, I do have many that I drink more often than others, and my family definitely have their favorites.  In this collection you will find, not only our favorites, but the best sellers and favorites of other customers.  Hopefully you can find a favorite here as well!
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Candy Cane Lane - Loose Leaf Green Tea
Cool peppermint is paired perfectly with the sweetness of jasmine in this beautifully balanced green...
$ 10.00
Celebrate! - Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea
What says winter warm-up better than rich chocolate, smooth vanilla with a cool mint finish? ...
$ 10.00
Chocolate Caramel Swirl - Loose Leaf Black Tea
A delectable blend of chocolate and caramel with just a hint of vanilla.  The perfect...
$ 10.00
Chocolate Covered Strawberry - Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea
What is more decadent than plump, juicy strawberries swirled in milk chocolate?  This is the...
$ 10.00
Cream Earl Grey - Loose Leaf Black Tea
This is a must try for any Earl Grey fan!  The intoxicating flavor of bergamot...
$ 10.00
Dot Glow - Loose Leaf Black Tea
Rich vanilla combined with sweet mango and tart peach meld into one perfect blend. Inspired by...
$ 10.00
Fall Favorite Assortment - A Sample Sized 8-Pack
Want to try out our customer's favorite fall blends?  This assortment includes a sampling of our 8 best fall flavors....
$ 40.00 $ 35.00
Ginger Bounce - Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea
Bright clean taste with superb ginger notes. A palate-refreshing spiciness combined with a fruity touch....
$ 10.00
Godiva Roche - Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea
Here’s to Lady Godiva. This full-bodied blend combines chunky pieces of pure vanilla and decadent...
$ 10.00
Hearthside Warmer - Loose Leaf Green Tea
The perfect winter tea.  Smooth vanilla pairs perfectly with cinnamon and just a hint of...
$ 10.00
Holiday Winter Spice - Loose Leaf Black Tea
Earthy cinnamon and hints of citrus make this the perfect fall or winter tea! A...
$ 10.00
Iced Mojito - Loose Leaf Black Tea
Looking for the perfect iced tea? The tart flavor of lime combined with cool peppermint...
$ 10.00