About us

Welcome to Loving Cup Teas, I am so glad you stopped by!  

As a mother and business owner I understand how easy it is to forget to take care of yourself.  I know what it is like when you are pulled in hundreds of directions and everything needs your attention right now.  I know how depleting it is to pour your heart and soul into everything around you and not get anything back.  

I also know that there is only so long you can do that before you snap.  There is only so much you can give before you need a recharge.  So what are you going to do to nurture yourself today? 

Traditionally tea has been used to soothe, calm and center yourself. The ritual of brewing and enjoying a cup is a time honored tradition that when used properly can transport you to a place of calm relaxation to restore your own sense of well being.  And with 3 kids, you bet I need to get transported to calm relaxation every once in a while! 

Loving Cup Teas was created to provide amazing quality loose leaf tea that is available to everyone.  You don't have to have a lot of time, special training, or a refined pallet to enjoy a great cup of tea.  All you need is a few minutes, the right tools and a little knowledge.  All of which I would love to help you with.  

I am passionate about making sure that only the highest quality of leaves, ingredients and natural flavorings are used in the creation of our teas.  I feel that if you are enjoying tea for the health benefits, if only partly,  you shouldn't counteract that with artificial flavors, colors, or chemicals.  Even the teas that are not organic are held to the most stringent of standards to ensure that your tea is as chemical free as possible.  I also only source teas from wholesalers who are part of the ethical tea partnership to ensure that the workers are being taken care of, because what is the point of soothing yourself if it is harming someone else?

If you have any questions about any of our blends, processes, or certifications I would love to share more information with you.

I look forward to sharing tea with you soon!