Loose Leaf Tea with a Purpose

It’s important to me that the product I pass on to my customers is grown and harvested responsibly and ethically. This way, you know that your purchases are helping support tea plantations that take care of their workers.

Ethical Tea Partnership

Believe it or not, the ETP, Ethical Tea Partnership, has only been around since 1997. It’s a lot like Fair Trade for coffee, but because tea isn’t considered a commodity like coffee, the Fair Trade organization isn’t able to monitor or regulate the tea industry. The ETP does more than monitor how tea is produced and harvested, it also makes sure that the workers who harvest luxury tea are fairly compensated when it comes to wages, health care, housing, childcare, and in some cases education for the families of the workers as well.

The ETP is something that I wanted to support, so I made sure that my main tea supplier was the first organization that signed on with the ETP when membership was opened to non-UK companies in 2002.


Some of the more elevated tea districts, such as Darjeeling and the Kenyan highlands, can support tea without pesticides because pests that typically attack tea can’t survive the lofty altitudes.

In cases where pesticides are used, the ETP takes great care to ensure all growers meet and exceed European Union or Japanese Minimum Residue Levels, the most stringent in the industry.

What It All Means For You

This means that every bag of tea you buy from Loving Cup Teas was created with tea leaves that were harvested from a healthy, happy, and cared for workforce. Also, the tea in your hands is as free from pesticides as it can be, and you are tasting pure tea, spices, and fruits instead of harmful chemicals.

Every bag of tea I sell helps to support the growing number of plantations and suppliers that care about their product, how it’s made, and the people who help grow it. Let’s keep sending a strong message that ethically produced tea is the best tea.

Thanks for your help and support!