Meet Marissa Agustin - Wife, Mother, and Tea Fanatic


Hi! I’m Marissa, owner and founder of Loving Cup Teas and I’m so happy that you’re here.


I’m a big believer in the importance of “self care”. As a wife, mother of 3, and the sole owner of a growing business, I know how hard it can be to find a few minutes out of the day to do something to unwind and relax. One of my favorite ways to take care of myself is with a good cup of tea. It doesn't take a lot of time, it doesn't break the bank, and most importantly, it's just for me.


In 2007, I discovered a loose leaf tea company that was sold at in-home parties. I loved their teas so much I decided to work with them. I did so well that I eventually worked my way up to regional manager!



Unfortunately, they had to close their doors. When the next company I worked for also closed, I realized 2 very important things. First, I really liked sharing amazing loose leaf teas. Second, I was tired of doing well at a job only to have the company close on me.


I decided whether my next business was going to succeed or fail, it would be all mine and my responsibility. A few weeks later, Loving Cup Teas was born.


Some things have changed between 2010 and now but the core concept of Loving Cup Teas has stayed the same.

I believe that exceptional quality teas should be accessible to everyone. To that end, I use the highest quality teas in my blends, combined with real fruits, spices, and natural extracts from real ingredients. I also source all of my teas from plantations that are part of the Ethical Tea Partnership, which means your tea was grown responsibly and ethically. I  think you’ll agree that the result is great tea with amazing flavor in each cup.


One of the bigger changes in recent years has been the introduction of my custom tea blends.All of my custom blends are hand crafted in small batches in a commercial kitchen and go through a rigorous approval process with my Jr Testing Team (my 3 children) before being introduced to customers. If you don’t see a flavor you like, or if you've had tea somewhere and you can’t find it anymore, let me know. Maybe your request will be one of my next feature blends.

Junior Tasting Team

Jr Tasting Team

If you're new to tea, or aren’t sure which of my blends to try first, check out some of our best sellers! (They're best sellers for a reason.) ;)


Thanks so  much for stopping by! As a small business owner, each and every customer makes a huge difference and I really do appreciate your support. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.


I look forward to sharing tea with you soon,