Share the Love

Loving Cup Teas is all about self care.  It is about being able to nurture yourself in between taking care of all the people and things around you.  While I wholeheartedly believe that self care is the most important care, I also know that sometimes people go through things that they need to be reminded that they are worth of that care.  Share the Love is a way to show those people how much they matter.  

Each month I will select one person who could use some extra love and send them some tea and encouraging words to remind them that they are worthy of love and the care they show the people around them.  

Do you know of someone who is going through a rough time?  Maybe they are taking care of an aging parent, maybe they are spending most of their days next to a hospital bed hoping that a miracle will happen and their loved one will get to come home. Maybe they are dealing with emotional or physical abuse or depression and are clawing their way out of the darkness.  Or maybe it is less dramatic and they just can't seem to catch a break or seem to be beaten down by the stresses of daily life.  

Whoever that person is I invite you to share their story with me.  Share about their strength, their love and generosity to other people, and why you believe they deserve some extra love.  From these submissions I will choose the one that calls to me and send you a package to gift to them.     

I look forward to helping spread some extra love and hope you will help!

To nominate someone you know, send me a message!