You Might Not Believe This, But...

One of the biggest thrills I get as a business owner is when I meet people who say they want to love tea, but they don't know where to start - or the people who know tea is good for them but have no idea what type of tea they would like..

With between 50 and 60 different tea varieties at any given time, I pride myself on being able to match the perfect tea to each customer. Whether your preference is Black, Green, Fruit, or Herbal tea, flavored or traditional, I probably have something that you’ll end up drinking again and again.


Still not convinced? Ok, if you run into me at a show, ask for a sample and I’ll let you try something before you buy it. If you aren’t local - no problem! Check out my Taster’s Pack for different tea’s sent to you each month. Don’t want to teas sent to you each month? Want to start with something a little smaller? Check out my tea sampler for FREE samples of tea. That’s right, FREE! You give me $1 for shipping, and I’ll send you free tea samples.

If you do ever buy a bag of tea that you don’t like, I have a guilt free return policy (like ice cream without the calories) in place to take care of you.